Bike Tours – Lagoons’ Islands

Discover the Venetian Lagoon riding a bike, with departure from the Treporti Tobacconist’s shop in the direction of San Francesco del Deserto by boat.

San Francesco del Deserto is a 4-hectare island-monastery visited in 1220 by the Saint Francesco d’Assisi, who decided to found a gathering meditation place by creating the convent of San Francesco still open today.

Try the guided tour in English with one of the Franciscan friars who will explain the history and curiosities of the place.

After this, take a bike ride on the island of Sant’Erasmo, also known as the Garden of Venice for its rich history and secrets related to its agricultural vocation. The symbol of the island is the violet artichoke which is also called “castaure”.

You will have the opportunity to visit and buy local products from farms.

Don’t forget: comfortable clothing, hat, water, sunscreen lotion!

Price and conditions

€ 20 for adults and children from 12 years – free for children up to 6 years
The excursion is scheduled on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays with departure at 10.00 from the Treporti Tobaccos’.
It is possible to rent one or more bikes if necessary.
Info and reservations at the reception of the Camping Village.