Baia Holiday has always been attentive to the environment and this green vision is also reflected within our Camping Village Cavallino. To continue supporting the development of sustainable tourism we have activated a series of actions for people, planet and prosperity. In addition, to protect and preserve the magnificent habitat of the natural areas in which our facilities are located and to support the local community, we have introduced the ‘Environment Fee’: this is applied to the amount of the stay and is entirely destined to finance actions for environmental sustainability.

Nature is an integral part of our holiday concept. That is why we respect it.
Count on us for a unique and sustainable holiday experience.


adopted at Camping Village Cavallino

accessibilità e inclusione sociale

Accessibility and social inclusion

  • Baia 4 All mobile homes, designed to accommodate people with motor disabilities
  • All commercial activities have a barrier-free entrance
  • Job chair and walkway for entry into the water
  • Lifts available in the spa and lounge bar
  • We fight any form of violence, harassment, discrimination due to age, gender, disability, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, economic or other status
edilizia sostenibile

Sustainable construction

  • Buildings designed to be coherent with local architecture
  • Use of environmentally sustainable materials (class A) and thermal cladding in new buildings to reduce consumption
  • Almost zero land occupation, in fact the accommodation on the campsite is almost all removable
  • Presence of solar panels in new buildings such as flats
  • Choice of class A appliances
Efficienza energetica

Efficiency of water and energy resources

  • Photovoltaic panels to produce hot water and electricity, present in the 3 central bathrooms, above the spa and above the hotel
  • Rainwater collection containers to irrigate the green spaces and reused in the toilets
  • Application of flow reducers to taps and showers to combat water waste
  • Water-saving toilets
  • Spas with home automation to optimise consumption
Tutela ambientale

Environmental protection

  • Safeguarding biodiversity
  • Protection of the tree heritage: tall trees and native and registered plants
  • Reduction of noise pollution by decentralising parking spaces and banning noise during rest hours
  • Sustainable mobility through the use of zero-emission vehicles such as the guest train and electric cars for moving staff around the facility
  • Rental of muscle bikes or e-bikes and information on cycle routes
  • Correct waste disposal, ecological islands, bins in the dog area for droppings and different coloured waste bins to facilitate sorting
  • Use of recyclable disposable material
  • Eco-labelled cleaning products with predosers
  • Presence of “educational” signs to raise guests’ environmental awareness
Contributo alla comunità locale

Contribution to the local community

  • We are members of the Cavallino Treporti Tourist Park and Assocamping, an association of open-air tourist accommodation businesses
  • We promote the hiring of local residents to support employment and local economic growth
  • Promoting trips to the lagoon and visits to the area’s historical, natural and cultural heritage
  • Proposal of typical dishes based on local km0 products
  • Sale of local products and direct sale of handicrafts
  • Economic participation in the redevelopment of Via delle Batterie
  • Funding for the Green Cross
  • Sponsor of Umana Reyer Venezia, a basketball club
  • Organisation of Experience day, an initiative allowing the community to access the campsite and use its services
Progetti futuri green

Future projects

  • Organisation of initiatives to involve guests and raise their awareness of environmental issues
  • Inauguration of new flats built in line with modern sustainability standards
  • The farm, to enhance our agricultural heritage and allow guests to rediscover the pleasure of life in the open air and the work of the farmer, both values in danger of being lost over time


Camping Village Cavallino’s awards

GSTC certification

Nature: the green heart of our campsites. GSTC certification is awarded to organisations that demonstrate a serious and continuous commitment to sustainability in all their activities. In Italy Camping Village Cavallino is the second campsite to be awarded this sustainability certificate and the first among the Baia Holiday Camping Villages.

Blue Flag

Cavallino-Treporti: a beach of excellence. Since 2006 the Cavallino-Treporti coastline has uninterruptedly hoisted the “Blue Flag”, the prestigious international recognition awarded to seaside resorts of excellence that stand out for the cleanliness of their bathing water, the quality of services offered and their respect for and management of the environment.

Green Flag

Cavallino-Treporti: award-winning child-friendly resort. The gently sloping sandy beach, equipped with beach umbrellas and playground, the shallow and clean seabed and the presence of an efficient lifeguard service characterise the Cavallino Treporti coastline. Thanks to these special features our area, lying between the Upper Adriatic and the Northern Lagoon of Venice, has received the “Green Flag” award again this year.