Between water courses

One of the most spectacular places of the lagoon of Venice is the part extending to the north, where you can have the impression of being real explorers between expanses of water and dispersed streets admiring the expanses of water with the mirror-like multiple reflections of light.

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“Conche di Cavallino”

GPS Coordinates
45.4913, 12.5747

Continue the tour to the “Cavallino basins” where you will discern the “scales” along the river, i.e. houses on stilts designated to fisheries, before returning to the starting point, at the mouth of river Sile.

Santa Maria Elisabetta’s Square

GPS Coordinates
45.4837, 12.5506

A circular itinerary starting from piazza Santa Maria Elisabetta, then heading back to it at the end of the approximately 10 km between churches, watercourses, basins and houses. You can discover the Casson channel showing the ancient inland waterway leading from the lagoon to the mouth of the river Sile starting from this magical place.

Cavallino’s Lighthouse

GPS Coordinates
45.4786, 12.5833

Before returning, visit the Lighthouse of Cavallino, which was destroyed and rebuilt after the Second World War, standing out on the landscape 48 meters high.