Discovering popular traditions

You will enter a special atmosphere to perceive the special attention of the local people to nature and its potential through a path that will keep you busy for a few kilometres (about 30), immersed in nature, starting from Santa Maria Elisabetta in Cavallino and up to Punta Sabbioni.

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Le Motte

Coordinates GPS
45.4865, 12.5269

Crossing the fields, orchards and well structured farms to welcome you, you will discover how some of the best products of the area are grown such as vegetables in general. The small village of Le Motte: you will find a farm where you can purchase and take the tastes and flavours of this delicate agricultural and traditional land home.


During this trip you will also come into contact with the fauna populating the area; in fact, while biking you may discern herons, cormorants and other birds which are worth stopping over for in such a timeless place.