The outlying Islands of the Northern Venetian Lago

Venice is just 30 minutes from the campsite and offers a standard itinerary. By boat you arrive directly in Piazza San Marco or you can reach the famous Venetian islands such as Burano whose gaudy-coloured houses guard the traditional lace artists. Murano, synonym of precious stained mouth blown glass windows. And Torcello village where you can see the Ponte del Diavolo and rediscover the landscapes described by Hemingway in his novel “Beyond the river and among the trees”. These areas are also popular due to the wine and food; the fish offer is certainly significant but the production of perfect wine to be served with tasty meat dishes is also relevant.

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GPS coordinates
45.4548, 12.3568

You can decide to start from Punta Sabbioni or Treporti and in a few minutes you will find yourself in a completely different, typical and charming context. You can explore the culture of this territory and its islands based on the cultural and deep-rooted artistic tradition which can be perceived during the entire itinerary. One of the most rewarding is the island of Murano, specialised in artistic handicraft enhancing the reflections on water which it transposes on pieces of multi-shaded glass art. The production is still based on traditional ancient crafts which have been maintained in laboratories throughout the island. The Glass Museum was newly reopened and can now be visited; you can learn more about this magical art form and all its secrets through an itinerary that will accompany you from the Fourteenth century to our days.


GPS coordinates
45.4876, 12.4167

After visiting Murano, head toward Burano; you will be definitely be impressed by its typical eye-poppingly coloured houses. The evocative landscape will draw your attention; legend has it that the fishermen decided to paint their houses with bright colours so that while coming back home they can easily distinguish them through thick fog. Another typical activity of this island is the ancient craft work of women, i.e. lace-making, famous worldwide; visit the lace Museum located on the church square to see this age-old activity.


GPS coordinates
45.4511, 12.4659

To continue discovering the Venetian islands and for a last cultural tour, visit the nearby Torcello island to be immersed in a magical atmosphere. Members of royal and artistic families such as Ernest Hemingway loved visiting this island which is now almost uninhabited. It was replaced by the Republic of Venice and has undergone significant urban changes, visible today.