Fortifications and Batteries from Cavallino to Punta Sabbioni

The landscape is dominated by crops and greenhouses, gardens and scattered dwellings, besides some old military buildings (Amalfi, Pisani, San Marco, Radaelli) which protected the great sandy peninsula of Cavallino.
The massive architectures of these constructions are visible along the entire stretch of via Pordelio, with the numerous towers, and in the Lio Grande area, where the ascetic Forte Vecchio is located.   Built by the Austrians in the years 1845-51 to defend one of the entrances to Venice and modified during the first world war, Forte Vecchio is the best preserved fortification.
These austere constructions are often set in broad horizons opening onto landscapes of vegetable gardens and flower beds as in an ideal meeting between nature and human settlement. Lush nature, as the huge shoal of Canale S. Felice and the typical avifauna of chiurli, pettegole, beccaccini and germani, populating the Saccagnana Coast.

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Price and conditions

Means of transport: bicycle
Route: Cavallino, Via Pordelio, Ca’ Savio, Forte Vecchio, Punta Sabbioni, lungomare Dante Alighieri, Ca’ Savio – Batterie costiere – Cà Ballarin – Cavallino
Distance: about km 26,8
Stretch: about 3hrs.
Road: the excursion is entirely on paved road
Facilities: numerous and spread along the entire route
Recommended Period: April, May, June, September, October
Clothing: bike clothing suitable for the season. The area is generally ventilated, especially in the intermediate seasons.