We recommend a path that will lead you through the green expanses dotting the Cavallino-Treporti coastline to discover the network of fortifications built during the two World Wars.

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San Marco Battery

GPS Coordinates
45.4511, 12.4659

Continue the last stretch of this itinerary to reach the San Marco Battery, in the street named Via delle Batterie, so far reorganized and adapted for retailers. Finally you reach Forte Treporti, the Mandraccio barracks and Ca’ Pasquali, which represent some of the most important evidences of the architecture in this territory, so rich in history. Along the path to these fortifications, you will come across high telemetry towers used to sight attacks and anticipate the arrival of batteries from their privileged position.

Amalfi Battery

GPS Coordinates
45.447, 12.4421

If you are patient enough and curious, you can leave from the CÃ Savio beach to visit the Amalfi Battery, a major military construction of the First World War desired by admiral Paolo Thaon to stop the Austro-Hungarian attack.

Vettor Pisani Battery

After plunging into this atmosphere of the past, continue toward Vettor Pisani, another coastal Battery, built in 1912 in remembrance of the victory against the Genoese in the war of Chioggia, located in the homonymous street.